Wellness Coaching - Gillan Elizabeth
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Six Month Wellness Coaching Program

Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Do you want to …

Feel better in your body?

Lose weight without dieting?

Stop counting calories?

Accept, love, and nourish your body?

Create wellness in all aspects of your life to live abundantly?

Find your inner zen anywhere in the world?

If you said yes to any of the above statements, you may want to join my six month wellness coaching program. Together we will work towards achieving your dreams and break free from the food trap!


About two thirds of women have disordered eating. Yes you read that right, most of the women you know have unhealthy eating patterns. Unhealthy eating patterns don’t just include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or any of the other EDNOS. Disordered eating presents itself in many ways, including: not eating enough, late night binging, feeling guilty after eating, counting calories, eating to numb feelings, eating out of boredom, and more. Eating in any of these ways doesn’t promote an environment for you to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.


If you’re looking to heal your relationship with food once and for all and finally feel full I can help you! I will help provide you with a welcoming environment to learn how to truly nourish your body while healing your unhealthy relationship with food.
Each week we will discuss different themes relating to disordered eating patterns and how to overcome them. We will utilize meditation and visualization to release patterns that no longer serve you to allow you to live the life you always wanted and actually enjoy the experience of eating. Private sessions allow you the opportunity to have an individualized experience to get to the root cause of your disordered eating patterns. We will end each session with actions you can take and implement in your life to finally feel full. Now is the time to feel great in your body!



At the end of the six month program you will become your own health coach; you will be the master of your body, allowing you to be your best guide to create wellness and harmony in your life. Join me today on your journey to wellness to start eating and living mindfully.

What’s Included


After every session you will be assigned homework to complete to align yourself back to loving yourself and creating lifelong changes to help you nourish your body and get to your natural weight with ease.


We will work together for six months to create and transform your life! At the end of our coaching sessions you will eat freely and live intuitively without a need to hold on to old patterns.


During the six month program feel free to text, call, or email me whenever you need support or guidance. I am here to help you and completely nurture your journey to wellness!


During this 30 to 45 minute conversation we will discuss all aspects of your life which allows me to identify which areas of your life you’re struggling in the most, where you’re currently happy, and how to approach our coaching sessions in the best way possible for you to achieve your vision of wellness.


During the six month program I will provide you with tools including books, meditations, recipes, and more to support your goals and live life with intention!


Our coaching sessions will be done through Skype/FaceTime or on the phone on a bi-weekly basis for the duration of the program. Each session will be approximately 50 minutes in length depending on the topics discussed. All of the sessions are tailored based on your needs to allow you to flourish. Some of the topics we will cover include uncovering the psychology behind your disordered eating patterns, how to attract and achieve your vision of an optimal life, and how to create new patterns to honour your body!

Enter your name here to be added to the wait list and receive a FREE initial consultation.


Enter your name here to be added to the wait list and receive a FREE initial consultation.