Website Revamp - Gillan Elizabeth
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Website Revamp

Yay! It has taken a bit longer than expected to get the new site up, but the new look for the Gillian Elizabeth site is finally complete. I hoped that this site would allow for a faster, more organized user experience, safer and easier completion of purchases, the opportunity to sign up to save your spot on the wait-list for the wellness coaching program, sign up for our newsletter to keep you updated, and provide a more personalized approach for present and previous wellness coaching clients. I’m happy with the update and hope that you’ll enjoy it too!

Gillian Elizabeth has been remastered to offer you a cleaner feel and better mobile and web browser experience. There is a search bar so you can search specific content and anything related will load on the page.

Under the Wellness Coaching tab you will see a description of my personalized approach to coaching, how I can help you, and what you will receive during the program. There are opportunities to sign up for the wait-list so that I can contact you as soon as there is an opening for the six-month program. If you choose to sign up for the wellness coaching program you will receive a personal login to the website. When you login to your account, you will be able to see your homework for the week from our private sessions as well as extra resources to help you on your wellness journey.

When you click on the Blog tab you will see a live feed of our most recent blog posts. You can click read more to open the entire post of your choosing. Under each post you have the opportunity to engage with us by leaving a comment, sharing or liking the post, or signing up for our newsletter to get updates on the latest programs, posts, and events. On the side of the page you can click on certain time periods if you’d like to go into our older posts. You will also find my other social media platforms which you can click to look at on those sites.

The Shop tab will open and present you with all of the merchandise created to encourage you on your journey to wellness. You will find downloadable guided meditation tracks, books, wellness programs, in person events and workshops, and organic clothing. When you go to purchase an item most will bring you to another browser, ensuring a secure online shopping experience.

The About section includes a bio about my qualifications and how this site came to be.

I hope you enjoy the new site! Thank you for your continued support.


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