These Are a Few of My Favourite Things - Gillan Elizabeth
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In my Happy Place - Gillian Elizabeth

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

*Cue Julie Andrews singing about her favourite things* Well now that we have that established. On a more serious note, I wanted to write this post to 1) allow you to understand the importance of identifying likes and dislikes when you’re battling with an eating disorder and 2) allow you to get to know me better.

It’s common for people struggling with an eating disorder to not have a clear sense of self. This is usually due to a lack of mirroring in the home environment (I talk more about this in this blog post.) Since you are not making true connections it affects the development of your sense of self. This lack of self-concept inhibits the ability to express emotions. So you begin to look externally first for what is validated by society and then internally accept these things. This can be represented by wearing certain clothes or makeup, to getting a certain type of job, to being in a relationship with a certain type of person. All of the actions being made in your life aren’t truly about what you want it’s about what society has shown you is right.

One of the first activities I get my clients to do is to make a list of things they like and things they don’t like. If this seems too overwhelming, I ask them to make a list of things that seem interesting to them but they may have never pursued. Once they have their list I encourage them to start making small steps each day to move in the direction towards what they like and trying new things to figure out what they like. It’s important during this process to avoid comparing your likes and dislikes to what you thought your likes and dislikes were. Many times we have practiced liking or disliking certain things so many times that we forget that this wasn’t originally our thought to believe.

And here is a list of a few of my favourite things…


The smell and taste of fresh bread

Candles burning

Being touched, tickled, and long hugs


Quiet time in the morning before anyone wakes up to meditate, read, and journal

The sound of the birds chirping in the morning

Wellness coaching (I love guiding others on how to bring themselves back to their true self to live in alignment)

Warm blankets (I’m always wrapping blankets around myself even if I’m not cold because I like the way it comforts me-especially my soft blanky)

Thunderstorms in the summer

Going to restaurants (I find that I enjoy food so much more when it’s cooked for me rather than by me)

Baking (I listen to the Twilight soundtrack on repeat and let my creativity guide me)


Researching and developing new projects (Book number two in the works…)

Being in love

Massages (mostly getting them but I enjoy giving hand massages)

Making treasure hunts, mazes, games, or riddles for other people

The feeling of a clean mouth/brushing my teeth

Being silly, playful, and sarcastic


Flowers (especially hydrangeas, roses, and sunflowers)

Sleeping without a pillow

The beach (the sun, sand, and {preferably} salt water)

The sound of a nearby train 


Teaching and attending workshops

Growing fresh herbs

The smell of fresh lavender

Jaguars (the car)

Feeling financially supported

Reading my horoscope in the newspaper every year on my birthday


Kristin Wiig (I can relate to her sense of humour)


Psychology games

Driving around to see Christmas lights

Watching any Audrey Hepburn movie, The Twilight Saga, or Gone with the Wind (the only movies I enjoy watching more than once)

High waisted sailor pants

Purple and yellow

Listening to MC Yogi – Shanti during savasana pose

Hiking and spending time in nature

Indian food

Leisurely bike rides

Going on adventures




Magic, mythology, and mysticism

Getting into bed naked with a big comforter after showering

Clean sheets

When people hold the door open/open my door for me

Calling instead of texting



Creamy natural peanut butter

Going to the library or the book store (for hours…Indigo is my Breakfast at Tiffany’s)


Palmistry, psychics, and card readings

Crystals (especially moonstones, citrine, morganite, ruby, turquoise, and selenite)

Cleaning my car


The feeling of my hair on my back

The smell of a campfire

Coconut oil 

Writing down my dreams and analyzing them

Being there to listen to others and offer advice if necessary

Being still with others to feel their energy and gain an understanding of them without words

Playing board games

Taking time to be by myself and allow my mind to find connections between things

Sending love to others energetically 

Natural beauty hacks

Giving and getting thoughtful gifts

Satin or lace robes

Staying in my pyjamas all day


Vitamix blenders



Taking time away from my phone and social media to be present

Singing in the car

Listening to audio books 

Getting my nails done


Nice cream

Rose gold

Driving on the highway (I come up with my best ideas when I’m driving)


What are some of your favourite things?

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