The Healing Benefits of Water - Gillan Elizabeth
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Healing Benefits of Water - Gillian Elizabeth -

The Healing Benefits of Water

Growing up in an area abundant with waterfalls (over 100) I sadly overlooked this beautiful gift until last summer when my fascination with waterfall hunting began. I printed out the maps for all of the surrounding areas and began my journey.

Intuitively I think this was inspired by the need to cleanse. During this time I was going through a lot of stress and carrying around emotional baggage. Not to mention I had recently moved from a house with well water to a house with city water which is filled with chemicals!

Water can purify in every sense. It is one of the most effective ways to detox the body, mind, and soul. I started drinking more pure water, put a vitamin C shower head filter on the shower to neutralize the added chemicals in city water, and continued spending time hiking to these beautiful spots!

Healing Benefits of Water - Gillian Elizabeth - Healing Benefits of Water - Gillian Elizabeth - Healing Benefits of Water - Gillian Elizabeth -

After doing a great deal of research online I learned that there are a few great options for drinking pure clean water. The first being reverse osmosis water although some studies seem to believe that a correlation between decreased bone density and drinking this water is connected. The solution to this is to remineralize your reverse osmosis water with some pink Himalayan salt. Another great option is to drink alkaline water, most of which can be found naturally from artesian wells.

I also learned that water should be kept free from air, light, and heat. So it’s a great idea to drink out of dark jars/water bottles and store your water in a dark, cool place, in an airtight container. You could store your water in this gorgeous glass flower of life jug or this glass dispenser.

Water can be a great tool to heal based on intention! If you find that you may not resonate at the same vibrational level that you want to be at you can use your water to introduce this vibration into your being. You can do this by holding a glass of water and thinking about all of the things you are grateful for in your life, playing classical music, or intentionally blessing the water. There have been many studies showing the energetic effect thoughts can have on water such as Dr. Emoto’s work and it can also be seen in kirlian photography.

Consuming pure water (through my skin as well as part of my diet) has become a crucial part of my wellness and spiritual routine (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my stories sharing my videos at the local artisan well).


Here are some of the benefits I have noticed from consuming pure water:

  • My skin and hair are glowing! After about two weeks of regularly drinking water and using the vitamin C shower head someone pointed out that my skin looks renewed. I noticed it in myself too, I look as if I have a natural dewy look without makeup! Not to mention the chlorine reaction (that looks like pimples and is extremely itchy on my scalp and skin) that I was getting from showering went away.
  • Improved digestion. Things seem to move more smoothly for me and I have less bloating.
  • Less joint pain. I used to have pain in my joints upon waking and sometimes even throughout the day but as I’ve increased my water intake my pains and cracking have decreased.
  • My lips and cheeks are fuller. By far I definitely wasn’t drinking enough water. I had been under-hydrating for so long that my body became used to the amount I was drinking. It wasn’t until I made a concerted effort to consume more water that I realized I wasn’t drinking enough. As a benefit my skin smoothed out the small lines I had on my cheeks and in turn filled them giving me a natural injection (as well as plumping my lips)!


There are so many more benefits than I have mentioned. Research shows that pure water can help reduce the risk of various types of dis-ease in the body including cancer, arthritis, heart disease and high cholesterol, rosacea, colds, and allergies.

If you want to start experiencing the benefits of consuming pure water, be sure to think about what kind of water you are exposing your body to internally and externally.


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