Sometimes I Eat Pie for Breakfast - Gillan Elizabeth
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Sometimes I Eat Pie for Breakfast - Gillian Elizabeth -

Sometimes I Eat Pie for Breakfast

A few weeks ago someone came up to me and told me that they absolutely adored my workbook, Break Up With Your Diet. She said that she was reading it when she went away for the weekend with a group of friends.

One morning she woke up and wanted a piece of pie… so that is exactly what she had. Her friends looked at her in absolute confusion and asked her what she was doing. She said, “intuitively eating.” I loved hearing this story because she is really embracing what intuitive eating means for her right now and sometimes, I too, eat pie for breakfast.

When people hear this they often wonder if intuitive eating is healthy and they say something along the lines of, “If I allow myself to do that I won’t stop eating it.”

In which I respond, “Well you might but I doubt you will eat pie forever.”

If you are coming from a place of restriction you are likely going to want exactly what you have been depriving yourself from. This is part of the process.

A lot of people fear that if they begin to intuitively eat they won’t stop eating. But when you recognize that this is part of the process of allowing and removing any foods from the restricted zone you will begin to see how this part of the process is crucial to healing your relationship with food forever!

During this beginning part of the process I ate a lot of food, especially a lot of foods that I don’t eat anymore. I ate a Big Mac’s for dinner, Oreo’s for breakfast, a loooootttt of peanut butter, ice cream, and chocolate. At this stage I was focused on healing my relationship with food so I was consuming a lot of foods that were nourishing to my soul.

This practice of allowing myself to eat what I restricted is a huge part of the foundation I now have to trust and respect my body. At first it can feel a little scary and out of control but when you get out of your own way and follow the feeling you let go of the desire. And once again, you will see all foods as equal. Food is energy to sustain and nourish us. As my relationship to food started to heal and the initial novelty of eating cookies for breakfast wore off I began eating more nutrient dense foods because that is what my body was craving.

If you’ve ever dealt with food guilt, binging, or restricting then you know how amazing it is once you do make peace with food.

So, while intuitive eating isn’t always eating pie for breakfast it is a pretty great place to be. If you need help on your journey to finding freedom from food contact me today for an initial wellness consultation.



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