Self-Love Affirmation Meditation - Gillan Elizabeth
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Self-Love Affirmation (+Meditation) | Gillian Elizabeth |

Self-Love Affirmation Meditation

Hi Gorgeous Buddhas!

Today I’m sharing with you a self-love affirmation meditation track. An affirmation is anything you think or say. Most of what we normally think or say are ideas that have been engrained into us over time, even if those ideas aren’t true. It’s because you have accepted this idea as true that your reality begins to align with it.

Listening to affirmation meditations is a powerful tool for change! When you make the intention to align with a certain belief through affirmations you are letting the universe know what you want more of in your life. The universe will conspire in your favour.

In the beginning it’s likely that you won’t resonate with the affirmations being said. Over time your mind will begin to adapt. When this happens, you will start talking and acting more lovingly towards yourself and others. The more you practice loving yourself, the more you truly will love yourself.

Listen to this meditation each morning upon waking and each evening before bed.



Self-Love Affirmation Meditation - Gillian Elizabeth

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