Do You Have a New Year's Resolution? This Year Let’s Break Up with Your Diet - Gillan Elizabeth
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Do You Have a New Year's Resolution? This Year Let’s Break Up with Your Diet - Gillian Elizabeth - #intuitiveeating #feelgood #resolution #goals #newyearsdiet

Do You Have a New Year’s Resolution? This Year Let’s Break Up with Your Diet

Many people start the new year with a goal of losing x number of pounds, only to lose motivation, determination, and excitement as the first few weeks of January pass. You’re left feeling stuck, unhappy, frustrated with yourself, and sometimes heavier than when you began. If you’ve gone through this experience, trust me I’m right there with you sister!

Instead of creating resolutions, I invite you to shift your mindset and create radical positive shifts in your body, mind, and spirit.

It’s time to break up with your diet. Let go of the calorie counting, tracking nutrients, and obsessing over the latest fad foods. Instead, I invite you to develop an intimate, loving relationship to yourself. Breaking up with your diet is the best New Year’s resolution not only for health but for your happiness as well!

When you let go of the diet rules and regimes you create the space to let your own inner guidance to come forward to influence your food choices. This inner guidance is also known as your intuition. Intuitive eating requires no willpower which is why it’s the one resolution you can stick to for years to come. As time goes on the way you eat and tend to yourself will evolve. Be patient with yourself on this journey to wellness, most of us have been in the diet mindset for a very long time, it may take some time to release these patterns and begin to create new ones with the assistance of your intuition.

To begin, allow yourself unconditional permission to eat. Yes, you read that right, there are no restrictions, no foods off limits, no calorie counting; give yourself one hundred percent permission to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. As a wellness coach, most of the women I’ve worked with respond to this with, “but how would I do this without going totally out of control and gaining tons of weight”?

Here are 4 tools for you to help you overcome these fear-based thoughts that no longer serve you:

1. Become a detective.

Ask yourself what false evidence appears real in this situation. Notice what your consistent thoughts are towards food and your body. What is the story you’re telling yourself? Thoughts create your reality, so allow yourself to release your old patterns by writing down what fears come up, doing so without judgement. It may help to start by asking yourself, “is it likely that I will gain hundreds of pounds or is it more likely I will get sick of eating everything in sight and start taking an interest in some fresh food options?”

2. Listen to your body instead of your mind.

The key is eating what you truly want (as opposed to what you ‘should’ eat). Eat when you’re hungry. Hunger comes on over a period of time, is usually signaled to you by a lack of energy or a growling stomach. Many of us eat for a multitude of reasons such as being lonely, angry, stressed, etc rather than true hunger. If you eat when you’re not hungry that’s okay, it happens, but make it intentional because the food you’re eating is just too delicious to save for later. Embrace it, let it go, and move on with your day. Your mind may still be in diet mode but if you tune into your body, it will start to guide you to what it needs. If you notice yourself indulging in every meal (or making this yet another diet) go back to step 1 and challenge your thoughts.

3. Add tools to your toolbox.

If you feel the need to eat everything, go for it. But first, take a moment to ask yourself why you want to eat everything. With time you may start to realize your eating habits are playing a role in your life. It might be the comfort you long for after a hard day’s work. It might be your time to finally relax. When you notice what role food is playing in your life figure out how you can meet your needs without using this one tool in your toolbox. Start adding some other tools such as calling a friend, taking yourself on a date, going for a massage, having a bath, journalling, meditating, or investing in some wellness coaching for unconditional support.

4. Laugh in the face of fear.

If you notice your ego popping up and discrediting the work you’re putting in to finally connect  to your true self and honour your body, laugh. Give yourself a break from being so serious and laugh. It feels good, try it for yourself and see.

Once you’ve practiced these tools you will be ready to give up your dieting rules once and for all! You will be able to eat following your body’s natural wisdom instead of waiting for the next trending diet. You will finally be living your life and feeling good doing it. That’s a resolution I can get on board with.

Who’s with me?

This article was originally written for and published by Clouds + Dirt.

If you are looking for personal support on this journey book a wellness coaching appointment with me or pick up your own copy of the Break Up With Your Diet journal.

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