My ONLY Resolution for 2017 - Gillan Elizabeth
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My ONLY Resolution for 2017

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017, or in Numerological terms goodbye to the year of “9” and hello to “1”. 2016 was a year to deal with any unfinished business; to forgive, rest, and resolve. 2017 brings forward the universal energy of a 1 which is associated with creative possibility, learning, and growth. The intentions you set forth at the beginning of 2017 will be the seeds you plant for the coming 9 year cycle.

It may be a good idea to spend some time on New Year’s day sitting in meditation for at least 5 minutes visualizing what this seed will grow into over the next 9 years. What branches do you want to grow on your tree?

2016 had a lot of ups and downs – I definitely felt the pull to resolve unfinished business. I had a few resolutions for 2016, my main personal goal being to practice yoga every single day. Surprisingly I didn’t follow this very well for the first month. In February/March I felt drawn to the mat and started to re-establish my personal relationship with yoga outside of class. Since then I have taken time on my mat every day, even if it was for only 5 or 10 minutes. Some very amazing things happened as well, including:


  • (June): receiving the email that my workbook, “Break Up with Your Diet: A 21-Day Workbook & Journal for Intuitive Eating”, will be published and available in/through all major book distributors come January 2017
  • (October): re-launch and rebranding of my website and wellness coaching company
  • (December): the launch of the Gorgeous Buddha clothing company


Thank you to all of the clients and yoga students I’ve been able to reach this past year, it has been a wonderful experience!

My threshold for stress is very high, usually I can’t tell that I’m overexerting myself until my body is beginning to send me messages through various physical ailments. I spent my last liver cleanse contemplating why I’ve developed a few atypical problems this year including a knee injury and rosacea. I realized I haven’t taken the necessary time for myself, to care for myself and spend time really feeling my emotions.

So for 2017 my main personal goal is to follow my joy and focus more on PLAY. I’m committing to enjoy the journey, instead of solely focusing on the end result. Life itself is a journey, not a destination. There is no end goal, when we’re racing to the end, we’re racing to our death. This year for me will be focused on taking more time to stop and smell the roses, to get outside each day, to play, be curious, and stop focusing on what I want to happen and simply allow it to happen as it will.

“Letting go and letting life flow.”

Business wise, I have a few things up my sleeve that I’m really looking forward to developing and working on over the next year some of which include: providing two 6-month wellness coaching programs, writing (a few books), recipe creation, developing new Gorgeous Buddha designs, and uploading more meditation tracks.

So on that note, here’s to a year of more #PLAY. Do you have any new years resolutions?


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