Mindfulness 101 + Guided Meditation - Gillan Elizabeth
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Mindfulness 101 + Guided Meditation - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

Mindfulness 101 + Guided Meditation

Historically, the ancient Sanskrit word sati can be translated to mindfulness. This word was used to define the ability to observe things with a sense of what could be termed bare awareness. Essentially, mindfulness is observing thoughts, sensations in the body, and emotions in an impartial and neutral way. Potentially everything we experience in life can be viewed in this way. When practicing mindfulness you are alert, attentive, and calm as you witness yourself. You take on the role of the observer self.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness:

  • enhance flexibility and adaptability
  • cultivate a sense of curiosity
  • increase feelings of ease and peacefulness
  • change one’s relationship to self and others (reduction in blaming thoughts promoting kindness, acceptance, and hospitality towards oneself and others)
  • reduce stress
  • feel fulfillment
  • be in the present moment


Mindfulness is a practice that can be done anywhere at anytime; doing the dishes, while driving, eating, or exercising. Watch the video below to learn more about mindfulness, be guided through a mindful meditation, and learn a mindfulness game I made up.

Listen to More

On my Break Up With Your Diet meditation album there are two guided mindfulness meditations, track 7 is a mindful eating meditation and track 8 is a mindful movement meditation. Click here to download your album today!

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