Let Go of the Fear of Gaining Weight and Start Living - Gillan Elizabeth
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Let Go of the Fear of Gaining Weight and Start Living - Gillian Elizabeth - www.gillianelizabethwellness.com

Let Go of the Fear of Gaining Weight and Start Living

After my interview on The Nourished Podcast this week I felt myself reminiscing on the fact that so many people fear they will gain weight when they begin to inquire about intuitive eating.

I think back to that time in my life when I was introduced to intuitive eating and realize that there was a huge disconnect between the way I wanted to live my life and the way I did live my life.

I wanted to feel free. To go to the beach and feel confident but no number on the scale was ever going to be good enough. No picture of me would ever be thin enough (it’s funny to think about because I weigh more now than I did then and I’m wayyyy happier about the way I look). It wasn’t just about the way I looked though. I wanted to have a perfect relationship, I wanted to be more adventurous, and have more joy in my life!

These things all seemed attainable for me…when I reached my perfect body.

Guess what? If you continue to wait for your perfect body you will be waiting forever!

In this video I share with you how to re-frame the way you are looking at your body and your life so that you can finally start living! Let go of the fear around gaining weight when you begin intuitively eating (not to mention some people effortlessly lose weight when they begin this journey). Though, it’s not about the number, it’s not about the perfect body, it’s about truly participating in and living your life fully.

Can you guess what the secret is to finally start living? (Hint: it has nothing to do with your weight and everything to do with intention)


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