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Intuitive Journal | Page 1 | Gillian Elizabeth |

The Intuitive Journal – PAGE 1

When I was away at the Vipassana retreat I felt a pull to begin this idea I had a few months ago to start an intuitive journal series. Feel free to follow along here or on my Instagram for daily updates. Share your journal with me #geintuitivejournal

What is an intuitive journal?

It is a journal to record the voice of your soul. It is about paying attention to what you are feeling, the guidance you are given from the Universe, creativity, a-ha moments, epiphanies when the mind opens, the shift in perspective from the movie you saw, the idea that comes to you while you are driving, dreams, hunches around a certain situation, synchronicities throughout your day, and more! Your spirit is always gently nudging you in the way that your soul is meant to go.

Keeping a journal helps me pay more attention to these seemingly fleeting or subtle moments. When I record these moments I can then take action (or slow down) towards which path is the right one for me. It also helps to give me a clear image of where I should be focusing my energy in order to live in alignment with my true self.

It is helpful to regularly reflect on your journal to begin to discern between what your intuition feels like and what comes from your ego.

You can write your journal anywhere; use the notebook app on your phone or a physical journal to record. If you tend to forget to write things down in the moment spend 10 minutes each evening writing down your reflections on each day.

Use your intuitive journal to:

Intuitive Journal Page 1:

As I am complaining about and contemplating my next steps in life and business I see a raccoon amble along the wooden dividers in my lot.

When a raccoon shows up in your life, it is the universe showing you that in spite of any doubts, the resources you need are readily available. There is some sort of deception going on around you—all you need to do is listen to and trust your intuition. Remain emotionally and mentally flexible for the coming days shall bring rapidly changing circumstances.


So on that note, always remember to listen to your intuition.


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