Intuitive Eating Journey - Where I Am Today - Gillan Elizabeth
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Intuitive Eating Journey - Where I Am Today - Gillian Elizabeth - #intuitiveeating #intuitivelyplantbased #breakupwithyourdiet

Intuitive Eating Journey – Where I Am Today

A few weeks ago I asked you guys on my Instagram what you would like to read more of on the blog and a lot of you requested more personal stories and insights to my wellness journey. Today I want to share with you where I am today in my intuitive eating journey. If you’re new here I recommend reading (or watching) My Eating Disorder Story so that you have a clearer picture about where I have come from, from struggling with an eating disorder, to finding 100% food freedom, to teaching others how to find food freedom, to writing my first workbook Break Up With Your Diet, to helping people on an international level to find the same freedom that I have found, to today.

As I mentioned in my eating disorder story post I tried eating a vegan diet a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I want to mention that I never intended or set out that I had to commit to this forever. At first I went through a phase of eating all of the processed vegan food. I was in love (and sometimes I still am with those chicken-less “chicken” nuggets). I also still have a healthy ongoing relationship with tartar sauce. But as time goes on, my intuition is becoming more refined, and this reflects in the foods I’m choosing to fuel my body with. This also affects the way that I coach clients. Our sessions are becoming a lot more about learning how to hone in on developing the intuition to connect with the inner guide for all aspects of life (not just your relationship to food) which is why I will be posting more about these tools on a regular basis.

I remember a time when I was posting pictures of Oreo’s on my Instagram story with #intuitiveeating. I laugh when I think about this time because it’s shocking to me how much my intuitive eating journey has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m big on soul food, but I have come to a point where the meaning of soul food is gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free brownies. I say this because this is what makes me feel good.

I have slowly (emphasis on slowly) and naturally made shifts in my diet based on my intuition. It was never a conscious choice but I’m finding that I’m rarely (if ever) eating something that contains refined sugar, meat, dairy, gluten, alcohol, coffee, or heavy processing. Over time I have become intuitively plant-based, choosing organic as much as I possibly can. Let me tell you, this feels so good!

Right now this is what works for me. I know that eating the way that I do makes me feel healthy, happy, energized, and satisfied. These are the key aspects that reflect back to me that this intuitive eating journey is serving me. If I was ever to feel deprived by this I would shift the way I’m eating. I’m open to receiving guidance from my body and responding by feeding it accordingly. If you don’t feel good, take time to connect to your intuition. Let go of your routines, rituals, and preconceived ideas about what is right and wrong, or good and bad. Instead, focus on feeling good.

Intuitive Eating Journey - Where I Am Today - Gillian Elizabeth - #intuitiveeating #intuitivelyplantbased #breakupwithyourdiet

Me today healthy, happy, strong, confident, free, and intuitively guided. Through intuitive eating and movement I’ve found my peace.

If I had jumped from having an eating disorder to the way I eat now I know for a fact that I would feel restricted. I would question the foods I’m eating and wonder whether they are truly benefiting me or not. Since I took the time to allow myself complete freedom I have gradually come to a place to eat the “healthiest,” which to me is synonymous with spiritual, diet I have ever eaten in my life. I’m in alignment. I don’t question my food choices. I know that when I eat what I love, it loves me back.

It’s important to note that this has been my journey and the changes that have happened in my diet, happened when I was ready to make them because my intuition led me there. This is why it’s so key to listen to your own intuition, if you’re truly listening, your choices will very likely continually change. Your intuition is prompting you to come into alignment with your highest self, this requires you to take steps. So remember to listen first, and then take action.

I want to share some tips with you on how I got to this place in my intuitive eating journey so that you can live in alignment too.

1. Break Up With Your Diet

Fully commit to your health and let go of the dieting mindset once and for all! Let go of your ideal weight, strict regimes, good and bad foods, comparing yourself, or any other strict thoughts about your body or the food you eat. I know this can be a scary step (or leap) because you may not trust your body right now and you fear that you will eat everything in sight if you do this. It’s possible that at first, yes you will eat everything you deprived yourself of. If you continue your commitment through this process and hold yourself through all of it, the buffet meals, chips, chocolate, and ice cream galore you will eventually get tired of eating these foods. Once this initial excitement subsides you will finally feel free from the diet trap and you will then be able to focus on what feels good.

2. Focus on What Feels Good

This step is crucial to feeding your body what it truly needs to thrive. Some people feel good eating potatoes for lunch, others crash and want to nap all afternoon. This phase will allow you to explore how food interacts with your body. When you find foods that make you feel energized and satisfied take note. On the contrary, when you find foods that make you tired and leave you feeling empty take note.

When you focus on what feels good you will continually make the ‘right’ choice for your body. I feel good eating a mostly plant-based diet. This might not work for you, or maybe it will but you won’t know until you connect to your body and listen to it’s response if you try it. Which leads me to my next point…

3. Be Open to Change

When you’re eating intuitively it’s important to have an open and flexible mind. Be open to receiving guidance and wisdom from your body, be open to eating different amounts of food during different times of the day, be open to learning new preferences, be open to trying new things, be open to watching your body evolve as your journey does. Staying open to change gives you the permission to continually connect to your intuition instead of trying to control your experience.

4. Learn What Intuitive Eating Means for You

This is your journey which is why it will mean something different to everyone. After you learn your hunger and fullness cues it’s important to continually deepen your relationship to your body. Check in with how you feel if you go too long without eating or if you overeat. What does honouring your body look like and feel like? For me, intuitive eating means identifying my hunger cues and level before eating, checking in with what I want to eat and why, observing how I feel depending on the environment I ate in, and observing what happens/how I feel if I eat something that I didn’t want (or that I did want). This is why I included these prompts in the Break Up With Your Diet workbook.

5. Enjoy the Journey

Most importantly, enjoy the journey! To me the whole point of intuitive eating is to find freedom from food. It has served me in many more ways than this, one of which was that it deepened my spiritual connection. So remember to enjoy this process, no matter if you have ups or downs in your weight or behaviours this life is full of teachable moments, so learn from them and enjoy the process.


I hope that this post serves you and that you can find real happiness, health, and freedom.

Intuitive Eating Journey - Where I Am Today - Gillian Elizabeth - #intuitiveeating #intuitivelyplantbased #breakupwithyourdiet

Comment below if you would like me to continue to do daily eats posts (or daily eats videos) and/or if you would prefer I start sharing more tools to connect to the wise guide inside.


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