How to Use a Pendulum - Gillan Elizabeth
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How to Use a Pendulum

For many years my pendulum has been a part of my spiritual practice and everyday life. Today I am sharing with you how to choose a pendulum, use a pendulum, and why using a pendulum can help you make decisions that are in alignment for your highest good.

A little background: Humans have been dowsing for centuries

Using a pendulum is known as the ancient art of dowsing. It is as old as time and has continually proven to be a reliable tool to connect with the subconscious mind to receive answers to things we would never consciously know. For example, dowsing for water (water witches) have been used since the 15th century to find water and figure out where to dig wells. This tool has even been found in Epytian tombs.

“What kind of pendulum should I get?”

You can use anything, and I mean anything as a pendulum. You can pick one up at a yoga or psychic event or you can use something as accessible as a paper clip and string or a metal hanger. As for size, keep in mind that It is preferable to keep your pendulum close to you once you choose one so that it can integrate with your personal energy. 

When you find an item that you’re drawn to the first step is to pick it up. Whichever hand you reached for your pendulum with is your receiving hand (typically it’s your dominate hand but not always). Then hold it in your non dominant hand using your thumb, index, and middle finger. Holding it in these three fingers will give an accurate reading due to the energy of the fingers. Then ask it to show you yes and show you no. For some it might be back and forth or side to side. For others, it may swing clockwise and counterclockwise. Once you know the pendulums unique signature for you ask it if it wants to be your pendulum. If it says yes choose that one. 

I started out with a beautiful amethyst angel pendulum I bought at a psychic expo. A lot of people shared this pendulum with me because it was a new fun toy that everyone wanted to learn about. Over time it seemed as if it was constantly in knots (physically the chain was knotted). Even though I could have cleansed this pendulum I felt that it was time to choose a new pendulum. Conveniently, I bought a necklace that works perfectly as my pendulum now. I use it all day—even during client sessions! 

How to cleanse your pendulum

Cleansing your pendulum will help release any energy that it’s holding that doesn’t serve or align with you. It’s especially important to cleanse your pendulum if it has a crystal on it as it will be absorbing energies when it is used. If you find that you’re getting a lot of mixed answers it’s usually due to one of two things, you aren’t asking clear questions or you need to cleanse the energy from your pendulum.

My personal favourite way is to use sage or palo santo to cleanse my pendulum with smoke. I find it very convenient and refreshing. Sometimes I will bathe it in the moonlight. You can also do a salt water bath depending on the material you are using or rest it on a selenite or quartz crystal overnight to charge it. These two crystals are able to charge other crystals without losing their own energy. 

How to use a pendulum

As I mentioned above to use your pendulum hold it in your non-receiving hand with your thumb, index, and middle finger for the most accurate results. I like to set an intention by saying a prayer and gratitude before using my pendulum so that I will connect to my higher self, guides, and angels to help. You don’t need to do this step, but if you feel called to I invite you to. 

Begin by asking your pendulum yes and no questions so that you get comfortable and confident while using it. If it helps, draw a plus (cross) sign on your receiving hand or a piece of paper and write the word yes in one direction and no in the other (depending on your personal signature). Hold the pendulum over this while asking it questions. Once you get familiar with this you no longer need the physical drawing to remind you of the answer. It can also help to ask questions that you already know the answer to, to get confident in your practice. When you move on to more elaborate questions you may want to create a sunrise shape over the horizontal line and write out numbers or percentages (0%, 25%, 75%, 100%). This will give you a very accurate reading. Sometimes I use the number scale to decide on the amount of an ingredient I should use in a recipe I’m creating. It helps to always keep your questions very clear and precise. If you’re inquiring about other people use their full name or imagine them in your head while asking. 

The ways that you can use your pendulum are endless. I use my pendulum on a weekly basis while figuring out how to plan my week. I also use my pendulum on a daily basis when I don’t necessarily have time to close my eyes and meditate to find an answer. 

How to Use a Pendulum - Gillian Elizabeth - How to Use a Pendulum - Gillian Elizabeth -



Here are a few ways to work with your pendulum:  

  • Ask yes and no questions
  • Bring it with you everywhere you go, whether you carry it in your pocket or wear it so that you can ask things as you would like throughout the day. This will also help it integrate with your energy.
  • Ask questions based on what percentage they align with you, or anything regarding a numerical value.
  • Use it as a party trick to introduce people to the intuition in a fun way.

Ultimately, using a pendulum will help you connect to and learn to trust your intuition. This can be a very self-empowering practice!

If you use a pendulum, I want to know your techniques and what you use it for. Leave a comment below to share with me.


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