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Gillian Elizabeth | How to Start Meditating |

How to Start Meditating

Meditation can be done at any time anywhere. Meditation is simply the practice of being aware. There are many different types of meditation some are focused solely on your breath while others involve focusing on a mantra, sensations through the body, or an external object with eyes open. In the video below I add clarity to the experience of meditating. The practice of meditating has a multitude of benefits, it has been shown to decrease the effects of aging, make it easier to focus and be more productive, foster a healthy body image, improve sleep, reduce pain in the body, and more!

Ideally, meditation should be practiced daily. I like to meditate in the morning after I wake up to set the tone for my day. Meditation can be done in the evening as well but I typically fall asleep quickly. In the beginning I recommend starting with mindful moments. Spend 1 minute every morning and every evening to meditate. Continue adding a couple of minutes to this each week until your each 30 minutes to an hour. There is no need to worry too much about the practicalities of how to meditate, where to meditate, or anything else. Remember that meditation is a tool that can bring peace into your life, you don’t need one more thing to worry about. Think of this time as a time that is just for you, reconnecting back to true self with each present moment. Each time you meditate it will be a different experience so let go of any expectations about how your meditation will go or how it should be before you sit/lay down to reconnect.


It can help to set a reminder on your phone to meditate. Two of my favourite meditation apps are:

Insight Timer

This app is great because it uses Tibetan singing bowls to time your meditation which is a lot more pleasant than most alarms. You can even see how many people in the world are meditating at the same as you!


I love this meditation app! It is especially great for beginners because of the daily animated graphics which expand on what the practice of meditation is all about. It comes with a 10-day free trial and reminds you to meditate daily. After the trail you must pay to continue using the app and to uncover more guided meditations.




If you’re interested in listening to some of my meditations I have some on YouTube as well as longer downloadable meditations that you can listen to anytime on my Shop page.


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