Health Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing - Gillan Elizabeth
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The Health Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing - Gillian Elizabeth - #health #wellness #detox

Health Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Skin brushing has been around for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I felt the pull to try it. This summer I started regularly dry brushing and I want to share the results with you.

The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s also one of the best systems for detox. Hence the most common benefit of skin brushing is detox. This is because the practice of brushing the skin stimulates the lymphatic system to drain.

There is no real scientific evidence on the benefits of dry skin brushing, but some benefits people report from dry brushing include increased immune function, improved digestion, and improved kidney health.

To begin this practice, start by picking out a brush. You will want to pick one with natural bristles and a handle so you can reach all of the areas of your body. When you’re ready to brush make sure you do it before you shower otherwise you risk damaging your skin. After that it only takes up to 5 minutes to complete. Brush in long, gentle sweeping strokes working from your feet towards the top of the body (always brush towards the heart). Go over each spot once, be sure not to press too hard because it may cause irritation to the skin. If you have sensitive skin or skin conditions you may want to avoid skin brushing as it could cause worsening of symptoms. I personally, have very sensitive skin (I can’t even use natural facial washes—only well water) and haven’t found this to be an issue but as always, listen to your own body.

Here are some of the benefits I noticed when I started dry brushing:

Increased Energy and Circulation

When I dry brush I feel energized. It’s likely because dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems. It also leaves my skin glowing!

Smooth Skin

The first time I used my dry brush I immediately noticed that my skin was softer. Over time I noticed less ingrown hairs, dry flakes, and bumps on my skin. This is because it helps unclog your pores. Knowing this, be mindful to only use natural moisturizers on your skin as it opens your pores to absorb more nutrients. Also, if you’re thinking about brushing your face it’s important to use a facial brush as the body brush bristles can be a little too harsh.

Relaxed Muscles

Dry brushing can be a meditative practice. After I dry brush I feel as if I had gotten a light full body massage. I’ve also noticed that my cellulite has reduced and my skin seems firmer. In this regard, I find it similar to foam rolling or practicing yin yoga. All of these tools help to release the fascia, which is essentially our connective tissues. Think of the fascia like a mesh webbing throughout the body and if the webbing becomes weak whatever is under it (such as body fat) pushes through. When the fascia is weak, it becomes dry and brittle, essentially it’s dehydrated and malnourished. When you do these practices, it helps to rehydrate and replenish it.


If you’re really into creating a detox regime try dry brushing, followed by foam rolling, sweating (through exercise; skipping or rebounding are particularly beneficial for the lymphatic system, sun bathing, or sitting in an infrared sauna), and finish it all off with an Epsom salt bath. After this you will feel aligned, aware, connected, and ready for your day.


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