Gratitude Is a Key to Unlock Manifestation - Gillan Elizabeth
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Gratitude Is a Key to Unlock Manifestation | Gillian Elizabeth

Gratitude Is a Key to Unlock Manifestation

Gratitude is a great tool to connect to Source. I find that the best manifestations come through when I let go of my ego and focus on manifesting for the betterment of the Earth and all of mankind. Remember that your intentions create your reality.

In this video I share with you a powerful gratitude tool; gratitude walks. Combining walking (physical movement) with gratitude (conscious intention) promotes feel-good responses in the body which in turn emits energetic vibrations of positivity. This combination amplifies your thoughts!

While I walk I focus on the feeling of the gratitude I have for the fresh air I am breathing in. Noticing the autumn leaves on the trail, gently falling through the air, landing delicately onto the Earth. I am grateful for the crisp fall air. I am grateful for my clients, students, friends, family, and teachers. I am grateful for daily inspiration to create tools that will be helpful. I am grateful for your support in reading this blog and spreading your light.

Typically I do this practice alone but if you are with a friend you can have a conversation back and forth about what you are grateful for. Try this practice for 30 days and see how your path unfolds.

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