Eating from a Place of Pleasure - Gillan Elizabeth
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I Focus on Pleasure When It Comes to Eating - Here's Why - Gillian Elizabeth -

Eating from a Place of Pleasure

When I meet people (that are unfamiliar with my work) I am often asked what I do to look the way I do. Sometimes I can feel their irritation when my response is, “I eat what feels good and I move in a way that feels good.” It can sound too good to be true. Some people attribute it to good genes or other factors. But really what it is, is doing things according to how I want to look and feel. I want to feel good so I eat and move in accordance with this.

Focusing on pleasure in regards to eating (as with anything) is the best way to exude true happiness and body confidence. Many studies have shown that when you focus on pleasure in terms of eating you are easily brought into the present moment, lose weight, and truly enjoy food. Food is meant to engage the senses and nourish you. If you do not like what you are eating, then you will not have this type of experience and you are more likely to gain weight and have dis-ease in the body.

Pleasure is a completely individual experience. With each present moment when you ar hungry again this may mean something different. Sometimes this means vegan doughnuts like the image above while other days this means broccoli stir fry, or a smoothie.

Even though pleasure centred eating is an individual experience here is an easy method to identify if you are eating with a pleasure centred focus:

Ask yourself…

•Am I satisfied?
•Do I feel good eating this (and after eating this)?
•Do I feel energized?
•Am I eating this because this is what feels good? (As opposed to I should eat this for X reason other than nourishment)
•Does my food choice resemble love? (Or was suffering caused to get me this food?)


If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are eating from a place of pleasure. If not, I invite you to join me on this journey. Start eating from a place of pleasure today. If you need guidance feel free to contact me.

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