Daily Eats {1.3.18} // WIAW - Gillan Elizabeth
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Daily Eats {01.03.18} // WIAW - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

Daily Eats {1.3.18} // WIAW

Many of you requested more daily eats posts, so today I’m coming to you with a new what I ate Wednesday. Remember to always listen to your body and honour your own hunger and satisfaction cues.

Daily Eats {01.03.18} // WIAW - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

Breakfast (10:30 am)

I decided to take a “break” for the holiday season so I’m allowing myself a lot more free time and that includes sleeping in. I woke up at 7:30 AM but fell asleep during my morning meditation practice. So when I woke up again, it was about 10 AM. I made a smoothie with banana, golden beets, pineapple, mango, and water. After this I headed off to the gym.

At the gym this morning I did the following workout: 5 minutes of skipping followed by 3 rounds of 15 single leg step-ups with a knee raise, 10 Russian twist medicine ball throws, 5 overhead lunges and 30 seconds of battle rope. I finished my workout with some stretching and foam rolling.

Whenever I go to the gym I do what feels good for my body. I choose movements that feel good within my body and never workout to exhaust myself completely. This workout took me about 25 to 35 minutes.

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Daily Eats {01.03.18} // WIAW - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

Lunch (3 pm)

I went out for a bit in the afternoon and by the time I sat down for lunch I was super hungry! I went to a vegan restaurant I’ve never been to before called Root 8. I ordered the curry bowl with added tempeh and avocado. It came with rice instead of quinoa, which I was more than happy about because normally I switch them anyway and I forgot to ask today. The curry was sooo good, it was soft and creamy. Super satisfying.

Daily Eats {01.03.18} // WIAW - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

Snack (5:30 pm)

On my drive back home I was craving chocolate. I checked in with myself and I was a bit hungry again so I decided to break out some chocolate I received as a gift for Christmas and made myself a cup of tea to warm up. It made me laugh because the fortune in my tea was too perfect for this snack, “Peace of mind comes piece by piece.” They must have been eating chocolate while they came up with this one.

Daily Eats {01.03.18} // WIAW - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com Daily Eats {01.03.18} // WIAW - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

Dinner (9 pm)

I arrived back home from yoga in the salt cave around 9 pm. As I walked into the kitchen I grabbed one of  these teff flour gingersnap cookies and ate it while I waited for my sourdough to toast. I made a sandwich with Vegenaise, Earth Balance butter, tomato slices, pink Himalayan salt, and collard greens.

I drank about 2 litres of water throughout the day.

That’s it for my eats today. Remember these posts are meant to show you that freedom from food is possible. Break Up With Your Diet today!


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