5 Tips to Heal Your High Cholesterol - Gillan Elizabeth
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5 Tips to Heal Your High Cholesterol

My three year anniversary of being off of my cholesterol medication is coming up this fall! You might be thinking wait what? How old are you? Well in this video I share with you how I knew I had high cholesterol and why I stopped taking my medication.

How I Healed my Genetically High Cholesterol


With the invitation from a friend I was prompted to take my wellness journey a step further. In the fall of 2015 I stopped taking my daily statin, birth control, and I became intuitively vegan. To be honest, I felt healthy before I made these changes. It wasn’t until after making these changes that I realized the capacity of health I’m able to embody. I feel better everyday. I no longer wake up sore, I’m never tired from a lack of nutrients (only from doing more because I’m able to get so much more done), I went three years before getting sick (that’s a record for me), overall, I feel more youthful.

At my 6-month follow up appointment my doctor was surprised to see that my cholesterol levels were relatively low (but still above the recommended amount) without the use of medication. He has continued to observe my progress over the past few years, becoming more astounded each time he sees me as my cholesterol has naturally dipped into the “healthy” range.

So how did I do it?

Below I am going to share with you the 5 shifts I made that I believe made a difference throughout the journey as my cholesterol levels went from 11mmol/l to around 4mmol/l.

Even if you don’t suffer from high cholesterol you may find these tips helpful for bringing your body back to a state of wellness. Allow your intuition to guide you and show you which tips resonate with you.

1. Eat vegan

5 Tips to Heal Your High Cholesterol | Gillian Elizabeth | www.GillianElizabethWellness.com #health #wellness #howto #cholesterol

The journey to lower your cholesterol requires dedication. In the beginning, I ate the same sort of meals that I was eating before I went vegan but in a dairy-free and meat-free version. This means I was eating processed vegan ice cream, chips, Oreos, as well as, the fruits, vegetables, and grains I was typically consuming. Making this shift and continuing to eat processed foods still lowered my cholesterol significantly but it dipped into the healthy range when I continued to embrace my intuition and found my inner health goddess. Over time, I stopped craving most processed foods (the liver cleanse I talk about in Step 4 made a HUGE difference in my sugar cravings) and started wanting more nutrient dense foods. It became fun to make meals because it became an extension of my creative flow and I started experimenting with new fruits, vegetables, powders, and superfoods.

If you’re not sure that you can commit to letting go of meat and dairy wait it out and continue cultivating a healthy relationship to food. You can also test the waters and try doing it for one meal, or one day a week, reflect on how you feel, do some research or book a session with me for guidance, and then feed your body accordingly.

If you’re feeling stuck for delicious recipe ideas I’ve got you covered. If you’re eating vegan or plant-based it doesn’t mean you have to eat salad forever. Try this Superfood Fudge, 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies, Nice Cream, Pizza, Wings, and the list goes on. Search the blog for other recipe posts or use Google and Pinterest for more inspiration.

2. Drink more water


Water has a seriously cleansing effect physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When you drink more water it helps clear your channel and you will come more into alignment with health.

3. Follow your joy

5 Tips to Heal Your High Cholesterol | Gillian Elizabeth | www.GillianElizabethWellness.com #health #wellness #howto #cholesterol

When I needed to take my healing journey to another level I turned to Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life book. She wrote that high cholesterol is caused by clogging the channels of joy or the fear of accepting joy.

At this point in time I was feeling extremely heavy, I had recently started my business, I was living out of two bags at an ex-boyfriends house, and most of the time I felt unsettled. I committed to accepting joy into my life and spent time every day doing something that I loved. Sometimes this meant I went to the library and borrowed some books, other times I painted, but most of the time I found myself doing something outdoors (even in the cold winter months).

4. Do a liver and gallbladder cleanse (or two)


The liver is responsible for the processing of cholesterol. The gallbladder is responsible for digesting fat. Knowing this, I did two of the Andreas Moritz liver and gallbladder cleanses. The first cleanse I did revealed some expected and some unexpected results. Most importantly, I saw a lot of tan stones and some foam. Tan stones are calcified stones containing toxic substances and trace amounts of cholesterol. The foam is made up of cholesterol crystals. I figured I should do a second cleanse to be sure I rid myself of excess cholesterol in this way. Thankfully the second cleanse I did didn’t contain any tan stones or foam. 

Did you know? Gallstones are actually caused by meat, cheese, milk, trans fats, smoking, caffeine, stress, and not eating enough good fats. My body knew this in step 1 before I was consciously aware.

5. Find your zen


At this time, I was generally feeling calm but my body would show otherwise, my hormones were a mess which caused breakouts. I dedicated myself to a daily meditation practice and started taking a daily herbal tincture made to balance hormones and stress. I also included adaptogens in my diet such as maca root and ashwaghanda to help my body mitigate the daily stresses of the world such as pollution and overwork. Many times we don’t realize the effect the world around us has on our body. Adaptogens help calm you down while improving your energy levels.

5 Tips to Heal Your High Cholesterol | Gillian Elizabeth | www.GillianElizabethWellness.com #health #wellness #howto #cholesterol

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