2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Gillan Elizabeth
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Holiday Gift Guide - Gillian Elizabeth - www.GillianElizabethWellness.com

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas has never been one of my favourite holidays but this year is a little different. For the first time in my life I get to spend Christmas day at my house. I can’t wait to sleep in, open presents, and lounge around in my pyjamas. I can think of nothing better.

While the holidays are not about gifts—many people are choosing to focus solely on quality time and skipping gifts altogether this year—I still enjoy giving gifts, especially handmade ones. For those of you wanting to share a special gift..or two with your family, friends, and yourself. One for you, one for me right?! I am sharing with you my 2017 holiday gift guide. Some of these gifts are made by me while others are on my personal wish list.


Gillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide1. Break Up With Your Diet! A 21-Day Workbook and Journal for Intuitive Eating

This 21-day break up with your diet journal for intuitive eating is filled with daily intuitive eating pages, activities, and quotes to heal your relationship with food once and for all! The perfect gift to start the new year committed to self-care, nurturing, and honouring your body! As a bonus, it will help you come back to your bodies’ natural weight with ease. And it’s currently on sale for $11!

2. Teeki Yoga WearGillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide

I love wearing eco-friendly clothing. Teeki is committed to making clothing from sustainable or recycled goods, like plastic bottles! Not only are they eco-conscious but they are also super soft and fun to wear. Right now I’m loving the phoenix rising mermaid tank and hot pants (as pictured).

3. Mushroom Hot ChocolateGillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide

Mushroom hot chocolate was one of the first items on my wish list. My sister was confused by the concept but they look so good…after I read about the benefits of reishi mushrooms for my dosha I was even more excited. Each hot chocolate package by Four Sigma Foods is vegan and comes with 10 single serve packets.

This sweet cinnamon mushroom hot chocolate is made with reishi mushrooms and is great to promote relaxation for the body and mind.

This dark and spicy mushroom hot chocolate is made with cordyceps mushrooms and is great for increased energy. These make great stocking stuffers!

4. Break Up With Your Diet Meditation Album

Gillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide

This 11 track downloadable meditation album is filled with over 1 hour of guided meditation to help you along your journey to developing a healthy relationship with food and yourself. Some of the tracks include: gentle nutrition, letting go, mindful eating, mindful movement, self love, and more. These tracks share powerful insights to truly let go of the diet cycle and re-connect with your intuition.

Gillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide5. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 

This is my absolute favourite mat that I have ever had! I noticed that as my teaching schedule increased I needed extra cushioning for my joints. This 6.35mm thick Manduka yoga mat is perfect. This mat is non-toxic, emission free in its manufacturing, and because of the closed cell surface it prevents dirt from absorbing into the matmaking it easy to clean.

6. Acupressure Mat 

In the fall a lot of my students raved about the benefits of acupressure mats. I have never tried one but I would certainly like to. It is a great tool to include in your self care toolbox because it helps to relax muscles, improve circulation, and improve your quality of sleep.

Gillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide

7. Wellness Coaching Sessions Gillian Elizabeth - Holiday Gift Guide

Give your friends the gift of wellness in the new year with personalized coaching sessions with me. It can be hard to commit to new years resolutions on your own and I’m here to help. During our one-on-one coaching sessions I will help guide you through the journey of wellness while healing your relationship with your body. You can be healthy while enjoying your food (without counting calories)!

Bonus if you order coaching sessions today I will send you a free downloadable guided meditation track!


Happy Holidays!


Let’s chat What is your favourite part of the holidays?


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