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About Gillian

Gillian is an entrepreneur who spends her time with her head in the clouds and feet firmly planted on the ground. She is a full-time wellness coach, yoga teacher, blogger, YouTube partner, and writer. She completed her B.A. in psychology and physical education as well as her yoga teacher training.

After struggling with an eating disorder in High School she learned how to truly nourish her body through intuitive eating, mindfulness, and self-love which inspired the start of this company. She wanted to reach more people and help others overcome their disordered eating patterns as she did, which led her to write her first workbook. Gillian Elizabeth is the author of Break Up With Your Diet: A 21-Day Workbook & Journal for Intuitive Eating. She is passionate about the discovery of self, self-love, nourishment, and creating the life of your dreams!

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  • In this episode, Meg and Shawn interview author and intuitive eating coach, Gillian Elizabeth. They cover the necessary steps a chronic dieter must take in order to begin eating intuitively. Gillian shares pieces of her 21-day workbook on how to break up with your diet...

  • Breakfast (9:00 am) I woke up at 6:30am this morning to meditate and journal. After that I had some water and started doing some work. Around 9 o’clock I began to get hungry and went downstairs to make myself some nice cream. I used 2...

  • I’m posting this vegan shepherd’s pie recipe right before Christmas in case you need something quick and delicious to bring to any get together that may not have vegan options. Shepherd’s pie has always been a favourite of mine during the winter. The classic shepherd’s...

  • This morning I woke up with so much energy. I cleaned the whole house and then I had a craving for beets and everything red. I ended up having a red velvet smoothie accompanied with a fresh sesame seed bun and strawberry cream cheese. So...

  • Who doesn’t love a peanut butter and chocolate combo? Personally, it’s one of my absolute favourites! Comment below and let me know your favourite chocolate pairings. These cookies are pretty easy to make. To begin we make a version of peanut butter cookies. Then we...

  • As a wellness coach it is extremely important that I take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I walk the talk and practice self-care just like all of my clients. This work can be “ugly” and confronting at times. The other week when...

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