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“Wellness really does start from within, it then transpires to every aspect in your life!”

About Gillian

best online forex trading platform singapore After struggling with an eating disorder in High School I learned how to nourish my body through intuitive eating, mindfulness, and self-love which inspired the start of this website. I want to help others overcome their disordered eating patterns as I did, which led me to write my first workbook, Break Up With Your Diet: A 21-Day Workbook & Journal for Intuitive Eating.

Since then my approach to intuitive eating has evolved and become more refined just as my intuition has. On this website you will find all kinds of tools to help you on your wellness journey such as plant based recipes, personalized wellness sessions, guided meditations, and more!

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online forex trading Gillian is experienced in many modalities working to improve the body, mind, and spirit connection. In her intuitive wellness sessions she can help you: heal your relationship with food, release addictive patterns, clear emotional blockages and cords of attachment, and ease anxiety and depression.


Gillian is currently taking bookings for healing sessions.


If you would like to book a session, collaborate, or would like to contact Gillian in regards to anything else please complete the contact form below.